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Restart Energy India Exhibition 17-19 January 2024 Goa

Dear Exhibitors,
Greetings from the REI Exhibition! I hope this email finds you well.
I wanted to bring your attention to an exciting opportunity that could greatly benefit your business. The Restart Energy India Expo Goa 2024 is just around the corner, and we would be delighted to have you on board as a partner or as a delegate at this prestigious event.
Key Focus Areas: This expo will center around key areas such as PV Panels, Energy Storage, EPC, Wind Energy, Bio Energy, Renewable Energy, Earthing Solutions, Batteries, Electrical Innovations, LED/Lighting Technologies, Heating & Cooling Systems, and much more. Available Stalls: We have various stall options available to suit your preferences. These include:
Cost-Effective Stall Packages: Take advantage of our early-bird rates at just Rs. 9,000 per sq mt , which covers all essentials including table, chairs, lighting, carpeting, fascia, dustbin, plug-points, publicity, and more. Please note that an 18% GST will apply. Proven Track Record: Restart Solar has a strong track record spanning over two decades. For more than a decade, we have been organizing successful B2B trade fairs and conferences across India, with the support of professionals, industry associations, leading giants, and media outlets.
Upcoming Events: Our calendar includes an exciting lineup of events, beginning with a grand global show in Goa this coming January. We have subsequent events planned for Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai, and other cities. If any of these locations pique your interest, do reach out to us promptly.
Highlights & Audience: Expect a dynamic three-day event with foreign delegates, a minimum of 3,000 key purchasers, awards ceremonies, product launches, industry leaders, engaging displays, productive B2B meetings, insightful seminars, high-profile workshops, government representatives, and much more.
Business Opportunities & Networking: This expo presents an excellent platform to enhance your business, expand distribution channels, establish import-export contacts, gain insights from experts, source quality materials, and network with influential policymakers, professionals, and industry leaders, all while enjoying the five-star ambience.
Take Action Now: Don’t miss out on the advantages of an early decision, which includes prime stall locations, pre-event publicity, online promotion, advertisement opportunities, speaker slots, in-venue visibility, complimentary offerings, exclusive invitations, and potential partnerships. We eagerly await your response to facilitate the necessary arrangements and ensure you gain the maximum benefits from this exceptional opportunity


Video Courtesy – Restart Solar Magazine International India


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