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Restart Energy India Expo India

With rugged technology, driven engineers, and a vision of a clean, sustainable future, we empower homeowners and professionals to join the journey to true open energy.

Restart Energy India Expo India (REIE) provides strategic inputs in all the key aspects of the fast-growing Indian solar, energy storage, and EV ecosystem. Join us as a speaker for the REIE Conference and share your insights and expertise with key stakeholders.

Restart Energy India Expo India (REIE) welcomes you to the world of endless opportunities in one of the world’s biggest solar markets. The Indian Market is so diverse, so wide and so multifarious that it will not only challenge your ultimate marketing skills but also make you hone your company’s strategic tools.

There is a market that is seething with an insatiable appetite for power, so what are you waiting for!!! Come and explore this wonderful opportunity, welcome to Restart Energy India Expo.  Why Join Restart Energy India Expo India REIE will be packed with benefits for exhibitors.

Taking exhibition space at REIE will give your company a competitive advantage, bringing together the most influential national buyers under one roof and the benefits to exhibiting go beyond the opportunity to easily network with the renewable energy industry’s key decision-makers.


  1. Vision and Empowerment: REIE aims to contribute to a clean and sustainable future by leveraging rugged technology and driven engineers. The focus is on empowering homeowners and professionals to embrace open energy solutions.
  2. Strategic Inputs and Expertise: REIE offers strategic insights and inputs in various aspects of the rapidly growing Indian solar, energy storage, and EV industries. By participating as a speaker at the REIE Conference, professionals can share their expertise and insights with key stakeholders.
  3. Endless Opportunities in the Indian Solar Market: REIE presents opportunities in one of the world’s largest solar markets, India. The market is characterized by diversity, width, and complexity, challenging participants to refine their marketing skills and strategic approaches.
  4. Insatiable Demand for Power: The Indian market is described as having an insatiable appetite for power, making it a compelling opportunity for companies involved in the renewable energy sector.
  5. Benefits of Participation: REIE offers several benefits for exhibitors, including a competitive advantage, networking opportunities with influential national buyers, and engagement with key decision-makers in the renewable energy industry.
  6. Networking and Collaboration: The expo provides a platform for companies and professionals to network with each other, fostering collaboration and partnership opportunities in the renewable energy sector.
  7. Showcasing Innovation: REIE allows participants to showcase innovative technologies, products, and solutions related to solar, energy storage, and EVs, potentially leading to business growth and increased market exposure.
  8. Contributing to Sustainability: Participation in REIE aligns with the broader goal of driving sustainability and clean energy adoption, contributing to India’s renewable energy targets and global efforts to combat climate change.