Why Exhibit

  • Why Exhibit

To hold active business talk for export and buyer through special invitation of overseas buyers specialized in photovoltaic

As RSEI is to be operated by planning special invitation program for overseas buyers specialized in photovoltaic for the first time in the history of exhibition, it is expected that RSEI would be crowded with Qualified Visitor.

Since deluxe hotels are opened around GOA and PUNE and thus 5 main countries related to photovoltaic, Germany, Italy, USA, Japan and China are to operate local Visitor Delegation program, we are sure that the amount of purchase and business talk with buyers on the site will establish the highest record in the history.Being an exhibitor of RSI Expo, Solar Show will make you stand out from the crowd and show your pioneering approach. You will receive a wide array of benefits that will help drive your business as an industry leader.

  • Solar

Solar PV module/ panel/ manufacturers
Installers / EPC companies, Independent Power Producers
PV panel industrial cleaning solutions
Turnkey Solar Manufacturing/ Solar Manufacturing Equipment
Energy Meters & Related Accessories
Manufacturers of Solar Cells, Photovoltaic Inverter & Manufacturing Equipment Vendors
Tabber& stringer machine manufacturers
Laying up machines & inline PV EL & appearance detector
Module Connectors, Monitoring & Mounting Systems
Trackers, Photovoltaic (PV) Modules Laminators.
Panel Framing machine makers.
Project Consultants, Research Institutions, Screen Printing and Metallization Equipment
Silicon Feedstock, Ingot and Wafer Manufacturing & Smart Grid Technologies
Software Solutions
Solar Cell Manufacturers, Solar Consumers and Commercial Products
Solar Drying & Desalination Systems, Solar Energy Storage, Solar LEDs, Solar Park Developers
Solar Street & Billboard Lighting Systems
Solar Water Heating, Cooling Systems and Solar Pumps
Suppliers of Raw Materials, System Integrators & Assemblers
Test & Measurement Equipment
Trading & Marketing Services
Training Establishments & Turnkey Solution Providers

  • Smart Energy

Energy Meters & Gas Meters
Electrolytes/Ion Exchange Membranes
IOT in energy solutions etc.
Gas Diffusion Layers (GDL)
MEAs, Separators, Other Stack Materials/Components
Cell Test Equipments
Electric Characteristic Evaluation Equipment
Power Load Equipment

  • Natural Gas & Green Hydrogen

Domestic & Industrial Hydrogen Technology Including Boilers and CHP
Catalysation& Chemical Technologies
Conductive Material/Insulating Material
Pipeline, Cryogenic & Storage Technology and Manufacturing
Hydrogen Storage Tanks/Containers
Hydrogen Absorption Alloys
Hydrogen Sensors & Hydrogen Storage-Related Materials
Chemical, Hybrid & Hydrogen Stations
Electrolysis Solutions & Flow Meters/Dew-point Hygrometers
Analysis Software & Other Calibration/Detection Devices
Material Inspection Equipment & Cell Inspection Equipment
Hydrogen Sensors, Gas Sensors, and Gas Meters
Electronic Parts / Materials
Electrical Fuse, Converter, Relay / Switch, EMC
Noise Suppression Parts
Heat Dispassion Member Connecter / Cable

  • Battery & Storage

Battery Manyfacturers, Inverters, storage devices, Integrated Circuit (IC)
Battery Sensor, Electric current / Voltage Monitor equipments for Battery Manufacturing
Equipment for Battery Recycling
Advances in Battery Technology, EVs, ESS, Batteries for Special applications, BMS,
Charging Infra, Battery Chemistries
Waste Management, Recycling of Used Batteries
Wind Energy
Wind Turbines & Windmill Remote Monitoring
Temperature Control, Weather Sensing Devices
Wind energy related solutions.