Exhibitor Profile

  • Exhibitor Profile

Suppliers of raw materials Wire saws and consumables Silicon feedstock, ingot and wafer manufacturing Inverters, charge controllers, batteries and module connectors Screen-printing and metallization equipments Solar cells manufacturers

System integrators, assemblers and distributors Manufacturers of cell and module encapsulation, crystal growth equipments, diffusion furnaces, laminators, mounting systems, concentrators, trackers and collectors Solar water heating/cooling systems and solar pumps Testing, monitoring systems, project consultants, suppliers of building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) and solar thermal engineering Glass, substrates, coatings, resins, encapsulation materials, films, gasses Photovoltaic (PV) modules, hybrid systems, materials and equipments

Solar drying and desalination systems Software solutions and providers of irradiation data Turnkey solution providers Solar farm developers and owners Annual maintenance contractors Emission monitoring systems Electrical test and measuring systems Solar street and billboard lighting systems

Solar PV module/ panel/ manufacturers / Installers / EPC companies, Independent Power Producers / PV panel industrial cleaning solutions
Turnkey Solar Manufacturing/ Solar Manufacturing Equipment / Energy Meters & Related Accessories / Manufacturers of Solar Cells, Photovoltaic Inverter & Manufacturing Equipment Vendors
Tabber& stringer machine manufacturers / Laying up machines & inline PV EL & appearance detector
Module Connectors, Monitoring & Mounting Systems / Trackers, Photovoltaic (PV) Modules Laminators.
Panel Framing machine makers.
Project Consultants, Research Institutions, Screen Printing and Metallization Equipment / Silicon Feedstock, Ingot and Wafer Manufacturing & Smart Grid Technologies
Software Solutions / Solar Cell Manufacturers, Solar Consumers and Commercial Products
Solar Drying & Desalination Systems, Solar Energy Storage, Solar LEDs, Solar Park Developers
Solar Street & Billboard Lighting Systems / Solar Water Heating, Cooling Systems and Solar Pumps
Suppliers of Raw Materials, System Integrators & Assemblers / Test & Measurement Equipment
Trading & Marketing Services / Training Establishments & Turnkey Solution Providers
Hydraulic and mechanical items manufacturers and suppliers Wind monitoring and analysis systems suppliers Assessment and forecasting service providers Wind-Solar hybrid power system integrators Wind farm owner
Bio-diesel dispensing and mixing equipment manufacturers Biomass heating and drying equipment manufacturers Bioreactor, boiler, turbine and turbo-generator manufacturers & consultants Analytical instruments manufacturers and service providers Bio-diesel / bio-ethanol distributors or refining companies
Insurance companies, surveyors, valuers, Operations and maintenance providers Stand-alone small aero-generator manufacturers & Training providers WEG erection contractors, spares, components, tools and lubricants manufacturers Wind electric generator (WEG) manufacturers
Engineering Consultancy Fuel Cells Policy Makers & Government representatives Automotive Components Battery Components & Materials Battery Manufacturer
Battery Packs Component Manufacturers Channel Partners/ Distributors Automation Equipment Manufacturing Equipment Motors
Power Management/BMS Prototyping Research Simulation / Software Testing Thermal Management