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66,000 houses to be solar powered under Soura project | JP Simon International

Thiruvananthapuram: Around 66,000 households in Kerala will soon be solar powered as the central government has approved the scheme of 200 megawatt in Kerala. In the Soura project by Kerala State Electricity Board (KSEB), solar panels will be installed through subsidy on rooftops of houses to utilise sunlight to generate solar power. The registration in this scheme is underway.

Earlier 50 MW project was already approved. 8000 people have already registered in the project so far. From the solar panels to be installed by them, 30 MW solar power can be generated.

The panel of contractors has been prepared. The applicants can select the contractors. The panels will be installed by contractors in association with KSEB.

There are two models for the project – the Kerala model and the central government model. In Kerala model, the cost of installation of the plant is shared between the consumer and KSEB. A share of the solar power generated will be given to the consumer in proportion to his/her share in the installation expense.


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