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Show Directory 2023 – Restart Energy India Expo Goa

Restart Energy India Expo Directory 2023

Restart Energy India Expo Goa has held on 10th
Jan to 12th Jan 2023 at Panjim Convention
Centre and the inauguration was done by Mr.
Manguirish Pai Raiker – Chairman, RCPR
EDUCATION SOCIETY, escorted by Jimmy
Simon the Marketing head of Restart Energy India
PVT. LTD and many more, Renewable is at the
forefront of India’s Solar revolution, while Energy
is a reflection of India’s emerging modernization
and development landscape. Nation building and
the convergence of technologies go handin-hand,
and the expo provides a platform to showcase
‘Brand India’ and focuses on ‘Building a Solar
India.’As Goa is looking for Panjim as a Solar City
now the goal of Restart Energy India Expo is to get
this vision of Goa in reality.As a developing nation
at the time of Independence, India relied heavily
on coal to meet its energy demands. However,
India has always been committed to looking for
more alternative energy sources for sustainable
development. The beginning was made with
hydropower, with major hydroelectric power
projects appearing on the scene of India’s energy
arena. Over the years, many policy and regulatory
initiatives have promoted hydropower
development and facilitated investments. Today,
we are 5th in the world regarding usable
hydropower potential. Solar energy-based
applications have benefited millions of Indians by
meeting their cooking, lighting and other energy
needs in an environment-friendly manner. Having
achieved large-scale success in solar energy
solutions, India has spearheaded the
International Solar Alliance (ISA) which is an
action-oriented, member-driven, collaborative
platform for increased deployment of solar energy
technologies. The membership of the ISA is open
to all member-states of the United Nations, and
107 countries are signatories to the ISA
Framework Agreement at present. The Alliance
aims to efficiently utilise solar energy to reduce
fossil fuel dependence, thereby creating a
greener planet. Restart Energy India will go and till
the Solar reaches to the all B2C and B2B


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