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Title120GW Signed Contracts Prove the High Reliability and the Investment Value of 182mm Modules

Title2Plenty of Orders for 182mm Module Confirm its Significant Advantages in System Compatibility

With the beginning of the “14th Five-Years Plan”, the PV industry market has continued to heat up, and large-size modules have progressively earned growing popularity in PV market. According to the industry expectation, by the end of 2021, the production capacity of 182mm modules may exceed 100GW and the most mature product capacity planning will match the demand of global market. There are only three leading companies in the industry have signed over 20GW orders for 182mm modules and are sold to nearly 30 counties and regions around the world. Thanks to 182mm module’s high power class and system-friendly advantages, 182mm modules have undoubtedly count a high percentage of market share and become the mainstream choice in the market. The high market acceptance of 182mm module is not just because of its technical and performance advantages, but it’s also due to the various application scenarios and access conditions 182mm size provides from the perspective of installation, transportation, system matching, operation and maintenance, and security. In particular, the rising trend of variable costs such as shipping and labor is also included in the variable factors of investment cost to give customers the best investment plan.

For example, JinkoSolar has worked with Shanghai Electric and other well-known domestic EPCs and design institutes to jointly develop a series of applied solutions. These include “JinkoSolar Tiger Pro Module System Design Application and Economic Feasibility Study Report”, a calculation of 182mm module design schemes by multiple system equipment suppliers under specific application scenarios. The report provides owner, EPC and customers with a reference for the total cost and LCOE, which helps customers for module selection. After accurate calculations, the report shows that Tiger Pro modules series is highly compatible with each mounting system and can maintain high power output in high wind load environments. Furthermore, Tiger Pro modules series has excellent economic performance. In many projects fields, compared with conventional modules, Tiger Pro modules series has shown a higher return on investment and lower costs, maximizing the interests of investors and developers.

Moreover, the company also combined the “Specifications for the Efficiency of PV Power System in China” with China’s unlimited DC/AC ratio policies, conducting a logical analysis of projects that use Tiger Pro modules to formulate the “Optimal DC/AC Ratio Scheme for China’s PV Projects.” According to the existing projects, the current DC/AC ratio is generally below 1.5 in China. After the calculations based on actual projects, the following conclusions are drawn: The performance of string inverters is better when the equipment input is fully connected, which can significantly reduce the construction cost of the project, and the degree of peak cutting of string inverter equipment has not changed much. For the centralized inverters, under the premise of the best yield rate for projects, if we take into account to fix the DC side and variable AC side, the DC/AC ratio of the lower radiation area can reach 1.45 and above, and the higher radiation area can be in the range of 1.3-1.4; if we consider to fix the AC side and variable DC side, the DC/AC ratio corresponding to the optimal rate of return can still be further improved.

JinkoSolar announced that “The company will continue to optimize manufacturing processes as well as carrying out technological innovation, and will also expand customer value-added service systems to lead the technological development of PV industry. JinkoSolar will continue to provide extremely reliable modules and quality services to bring greater value to our end customers.”

Figure: Centralized Inverter System DC/AC Ratio Recommendation (under the best IRR consideration)

Level of Light Richness The Level of Radiation(kWh/m2) Fix AC side, Variable DC side Fix DC side, Variable AC side
Normal/Rich 1200~1300 1.45~1.5 1.45~1.5
Rich 1300~1400 1.45~1.5 1.45~1.5
Rich 1400~1500 1.4~1.45 1.45~1.5
Rich/Very Rich 1500~1600 1.4~1.45 1.4~1.45
Rich/Very Rich 1600~1700 1.4~1.45 1.4~1.45
Very Rich 1700~1800 1.3~1.4 1.4~1.45
Very Rich 1800~1900 1.3~1.4 1.4~1.45

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